I tried to describe this series to my friend.  It is a great vacation series.  It is light, it isn't too deep.  It is very easy to read. The characters are interesting. It is a different storyline, though fits right into the craze of the day with the supernatural.  I didn't actually know this was a trilogy (books 1 and 2 are Unearthly and Hallowed .)  As I was reading through the story, I could see possible storylines for the next book. Even as the story ended, it left an opening for more books. But I notice a note from the author talking about how much she has enjoyed writing this trilogy. Oh well, guess that is the end. But as I've mentioned before, I kind of like when all the ends aren't arrived at, not everything is resolved.

So, if you are going on a vacation soon.  I would recommend these three books to bring along. I think they are perfect holiday companions.


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