The Night Circus

Oh friends, I've stumbled on another good one.  My friend recommended this to me, not having read it, but based on two recommendations she'd received. She was told by two friends that they couldn't put this book down. These are friends we trust the opinions of when it comes to books. At first, I didn't read this at night for fear I wouldn't be able to put it down, and would thereby stay up all night to finish it.

My first observation was that this is much like many of the books of the day, filled with short, short chapters. 2-3 page chapters. No wonder it is a page turner I thought.  When you know the next chapter is only 2-3 pages, you think, what is the harm? And you read on, and on, and on, because what is the harm?

But I was able to put it down. Until I got to the last 150 pages or so. And then, I.couldn't.put.it.down.

Now don't think that because I could put it down at first that I wasn't enjoying the story. I very much enjoyed the entire story. Clever, creative, classy, capricious, a charade. I couldn't figure out the mysteries of the story, and enjoyed when they were revealed. Oh wait, there was one I easily figured out, but I think the author gave us that one.

I definitely recommend this book. I do hope you will find it at your local library or purchase a copy to read and then share with others. Beware of the end. Once you find yourself with 200 or so pages to go, be certain you have plenty of time to finish - that is if you care about getting any sleep that evening.

Now remember, part of the fun of books for me is knowing nothing at all about them before I begin. However, if you need to know what you are getting into, here's the summary:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Night_Circus


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