Unearthly & Hallowed

Yup, another book club book.  We actually read both since they were quick reads, but then the hostess canceled, so we never discussed.  So here’s my quick opinion on these. (And I believe there will at least be a third book, I expect next year?)

So these are just like the Twilight or The Lorien Legacies or The Mortal Instruments books only with angels, instead of vampires or aliens or a whole mix of immortal/fantasy characters.  Pretty clean, very easy and quick read. Takes place in Jackson Hole, so a lot of the references are familiar, if you’ve vacationed there often like me

These weren’t my favorites books of the year of course, but I was entertained. Enough originality to keep my interest. And I think it is interesting to see what people believe, religiously, through their stories.  I think that is what I would have liked to discuss with the book club.  What the other gals thought the author’s religious beliefs were.

These would be good vacation books (yes, I do realize we are at the end of summer now - there's always next year, or maybe your vacation actually begins when your kids are back in school.)


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