The Casual Vacancy

I'd forgotten about this book until I just saw it was rated Best Book of 2012 by readers. What??? Did they READ the book? I'll be honest, I didn't finish this one. But it isn't for the same reason as The Remains of the Day.  I found the story boring, the characters didn't interest me at all - no attachments made, and it was foul. Apparently writing a book geared towards adults means you insert a lot of language and talk about sexual acts I prefer not to read about.  That is my take.  I haven't found any friends who finished the book. Some got further than I did - I think I read around 70 pages. But I've decided that I'm changing my reading habits (and I don't wait until New Year's Day to start a new goal, when I decide on a goal, I start right away.)  Now understand, that doesn't mean that I will stop reading a book as soon as I see a swear word. I really can look past the words if I am enough into a story, but I have decided that if a book doesn't interest me, I'm not going to bother with it. We'll see how that goes.

Did any of you read the whole book? I'm curious if anyone read the whole thing.

I think Rowling should go back to her "kids" books, since we all know Harry Potter boks are for adults more than kids...

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ClaysJenna said...

I read the whole book. It was definitely not my favorite but I enjoyed how she showed that what you see on the "outside" doesn't show who the person really is. Everyone is hiding something or feels like they need to hide something. It showed a lot of different kinds of abuse and bullying. I don't necessarily think every person you come in contact with is as extreme as the cases she showed in the book but I liked that it wasn't happily ever after. The language and sexuality of it was a bit much, I'll agree, and in most places not even needed. It didn't add to the story. It took me a LONG time to read the book, though. It was hard to get into and finish.