The Remains of the Day

I'm going to be honest, I didn't actually finish this book. But I still gave it four stars on Goodreads, and I'm still saying here that I liked it. I'm wondering if any of you have read it all the way through? I saw the movie years ago.  It was OK. Anthony Hopkins. Emma Thompson. Two amazing performers. 

The reason I rate the book so highly without finishing is it was so well written. I loved his writing style.  Being a reader who does not care for excessive detail, I enjoyed his detail. He is a great story teller.  This was the last book on the KSL book list for Downton Abbey fans (ps - I watched season 3 already, it's great.)

Yet, while I praise his writing style, I praise his story telling, I never really got into the story.  I did finish about 3/4s of the book.  But I had so many other books checked out from the library to read (you know, the books I can't remember the titles of per my last post,) this one just didn't take precedence, so I returned it unfinished.

It isn't a book to just sit and read and read and read and finish in one sitting. At least not for me. It was reading that actually wore me out instead of keeping my up wanting to read more and more.


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