This month's book club read was Hallelujah: The Story of the Coming Forth of Handel's Messiah.  I really enjoyed it.  Think The Work and The Glory starring George Frederic Handel.  It is historical fiction.  Like The Work and The Glory, the story is filled with characters who's lives reflect the lifestyles of the day.  (At the end of the story, the author tells what is fact and what is fiction in his book - don't skip ahead, it won't ruin the story, but it's fun to read without knowing.)  

It is a great feel good story, though filled with sadness and tragedy, it still is a book of hope. It is the perfect book for the holiday season. Since it is only a week until Christmas, though it was a quick read for me (as quick as a 600 page book can be), I would challenge you, if you don't have time this year, to remember this book next year.  Read it next year if you don't have time this year. You could read it anytime of year of course, but if you love Handel's Messiah as I do, it really was a great book for this season (even though Christmas is not the holiday season when Handel would perform the Oratorio - something new I learned.)
Please, enjoy!

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