Don't Look Back

I'm sure this one was in one of my magazines as well, and while I don't read the story summaries, I do look at book covers and this book cover caught the attention of this former dancer.

A very quick read, I passed it on to a few others after reading so they too could read it before I returned it to the library.  Definitely a tween novel.  But it reminded me of something else I'd read, and I enjoyed it. Sometimes it's better to move on, leave the past behind. Sometimes, it is good to understand the past. Sometimes, you need to know the past. Each situation calls for a different acceptance.  And this explores what you should know, what you should remember - what should change.

A page turner, but not necessarily because it is deep and driven, but because the author does a good job of holding your attention, of leading you to want to know more.


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