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Another book I'm not too certain about. I've not read the 50 Shades... book. I'm not going to read it.  I remember seeing an article? or maybe an interview? with the author a while back. I remember though that they asked her what her husband thought of her writing the book.  And I wonder the same thing after reading some books. Like Gillian Flynn who wrote Gone Girl and others.  She's got quite a twisted mind when it comes to murder and deceit. And the 50 Shades author, I don't to read the book to get an idea of what it is about.  So then you have this book.  I recently finished the autobiographical Traveling with Pomegranates by this author, and following that read, I was expecting this book to lean toward the feminist views.  I guess I didn't realize which aspect of feminism she'd focus on.  

I read an article the other day that talks about the importance of a kiss. It stated that more people remember a first kiss with a person more than the first time they have sex with them.  (And yes, I do realize that for many people, that is actually the same event.) But it talked about how if a first kiss isn't so great, that is more of a deal breaker than the first time you have sex with a person and it isn't the best. 

And you probably know, from other reviews, that I don't believe in the whole love at first site, even without even having a conversation with a person... no way people!  You don't decide to leave your spouse for someone you've only seen across a room, across a field. You cannot not in anyway be in LOVE with that person. Yikes!  Stop reading your 50 Shades type books - that is not real (and that probably doesn't happen in that book, but whatever...)

I'm not married, I'm Mormon, so it's no secret that I've not had sex.  Active members of my faith wait until they are married. The relationship between husband and wife is just between them.  I just don't understand how people can disregard that relationship and cheat. And yes, I've had friends and family members who either have had affairs, or were the victim of an affair. I have no desire to talk to the ones who committed the wrong act about why they did it, because frankly - you cannot justify it, ever.  Nope.  I've comforted those affected.  And it sucks.  But I just find no romanticism in someone having an affair.  

Gee... can you guess what this book is about? And you can probably guess why I didn't like the book.  And that's unfortunate, because there is another story in the book - and it was a great story, and I enjoyed that story (which is why I gave this two stars instead of one on Goodreads). But the good story was twisted up in the cheating... and I just can't overlook that part. Oh well. 

If you choose to... enjoy

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