Still Alice

Searching for an image of the book cover I discovered this has been made into a movie. So I'll have to see it when available on DVD. With life being so busy, I'm kind of grateful for books on CD. With a road trip to Vegas last weekend, I was able to finish and start another book. This is the one I started, and just finished. Maybe there should be a warning on books on CDs, like they do on medication. You know, medication warns not to drive after taking the medication because it can made you drowsy? So, books that will make you cry, that sort of makes driving difficult as well, blurred vision and all. Thus the need for warning.

This is a well told story. Oh, this is a heart breaker. Did I mention it made me cry?  While no one in my family has faced the challenge of being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, members of my family do live quite long lives, and I do experience memory issues with members of family.  And I think we all struggle with something.  I'm really struggling with my celiac disease right now, and it is nothing compared to what a person with a life threatening disease (non-preventable death) experiences. 

Another issue on my mind, being a native Oregonian, is Death With Dignity, While I very much see the act as suicide, and I do not support suicide - it is a topic heavy in the press again, and I've read many of the articles. I guess I want to be able to have an educated discussion should I be given the opportunity to talk about it. It is not the subject of this book. There is reference to it though.

I can't imaging the book will portray the emotion that the author has done (I've seen the cast, it makes me a little hesitant to see the film). If the movie looks appealing, please read (or listen to) the book first.


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