The Magician's Land

So when I read The Harry Potter series, and other series as well, I remember thinking how much I disliked that the beginning of each book did a recap of the previous book[s].  Ugh!  Your wish is my command Caprene... here's a book without reminders. Drats!  I remember really liking the first book. The second book not as much.  And this, the final book - I think I liked it better than the second, BUT I wish I had reminders of the previous stories.  That being said - this isn't a Harry Potter sort of magician story. It's for grown ups, but not like in a bad way. It's just not a tween book series as so many are.  I recommend the series, I just recommend you read all three together. This book definitely ended the story so the series is over.  Reading them together will allow you to remember who all the characters are (including characters who have been killed off or "left" the story and why - you need to know that for this final book.) 

Good story. There's probably some hidden meanings regarding how we treat our planet, regarding the creation of our planet, etc - I didn't read into it (I'm not like the characters in Night Film who needed BIGGER meanings to everything).  Just be sure you read all three books one after the other.


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