Daughter of the Forest

My newest aunt recommended this series to me at Easter.  She said based on my enjoyment of Shannon Hale's books, she thought I would enjoy these books. I've only read the first book, and so far, I'd say she was spot on.  I did enjoy this book. I read it over Memorial Day weekend (oh how I love reading books while sitting lakeside.) 

As Hale expands on fairy tale stories, Marillier wrote a series of books based on Grimms' tale of the six swans. I enjoyed the emotion of the story. I have only brothers like the girl in the story, and I too would do pretty much anything for them. As I expect from a "good for vacation" book, I wanted to continue reading, I wanted to know what was going to happen. Because it is a familiar fairy tale, I knew the gist of the storyline, but, as Shannon Hale does, the author adds enjoyable detail to the story.

I have the second book on my nightstand and will be starting it probably tomorrow. Can't wait to see where she takes the story.


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