The Language of Flowers

This is our book club book for June and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A very quick read, but that is just what happens when I enjoy a book - I want to finish it (though I kind of don't at the same time).

I think too often people think it should be easy to move past a difficult experience. 12 years ago I was involved in my car accident which took the life of the passenger of the other vehicle.  It took a long time for me to recover in many ways.  I didn't drive for 2 years.  A few months after the accident, the guy I was with at the time seemed to think he could help me overcome my fears. He would come up to intersections really quickly, almost like he wasn't going to stop.  I would white knuckle my seat. At least I didn't scream every time, but it didn't help. I still experience fear when in vehicle with people who drive to fast, who drive too close to the vehicles in front of them, or who stop too shortly, too quickly.  And don't get me started on blaming myself for her death, even though the accident was completely the fault of her husband.

I think this book demonstrates well the feelings of self doubt, of immediate mistrust others no matter how good their intentions are.  It demonstrates well, just how difficult it is to overcome painful experiences.  But it is a book about hope. It is a book that can help someone who struggles.

Another one I can't wait to discuss at book club in a few weeks.


(Oh, and at the end, there is a dictionary of the meaning of the flowers, as referenced throughout the book.I totally photocopied it and I'm going to try and use it when I give flowers to others. What a fun new tradition to begin.)

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