The Giver

There are multiple reasons I enjoyed this book.

1) It is short.  Now, I love to read,. I love stories. I love "meeting" new characters. I love learning.  Sometimes I feel like people can't really tell a story. They have to use a lot of words, they have to over-explore every character, every option of the plot. I admire someone who can deliver a thoughtful story, in a short story. Yeah for the good story teller. (And I am not insinuating that all lengthy books are bad.)

2) This seems to be the inspiration behind other Utopia-styled stories.  And everyone has their own idea of what Utopia would be like. And I think, in many cases, the author does a good job starting out with the impression that the control of the society is a good thing, the author tries to point out the benefits, and then all the shortcomings start to rise to the surface. I like this author's take on the situation. I like the feelings and thoughts the story brought up in me.

3) The story doesn't end, it doesn't resolve, it leaves you thinking.  And I thinking depending on your stance as a "glass half full" vs "glass half empty" type of a person (I'm half full) you will like or dislike that about this book. You will end with hope or with discouragement (I have hope).

This is our book club book for May, so I'll be interested in the discussion we have.


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