The Light Between Oceans

I checked this book out last year, and I renewed and renewed and renewed and returned unread (you are limited to three renewals.)  It was a book recommended to me, but I just had so many books at that time, that I never got to it. My aunt wanted to read it, so I checked it out again. She read it quickly and said I would like it. So I gave it another go... and I read it and I liked it. 

I like that the story forces you to think about what the characters are doing, it forces you almost to judge the characters - to pity them? to understand them? to dislike them? to admire them? to like them? So many observations and related emotions surface throughout the story.

I'm considering this book as the one I use when I host book club this year.  I still haven't decided for sure. Anyone else read this? Do you think you could have could have a good discussion on this story?

If you've not read, enjoy.

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