The Supreme Macaroni Company

When I like your books, I snatch the newest one up when it is released.  The follow up to The Shoemaker's Wife, which for some reason, I did not review on our blog - but I did very much enjoy, I again enjoy another of Trigiani's books. But I'll be honest, this one hit a little too close to home for me.  I have been writing a whole bunch of blogs posts on my personal blog about dating since the beginning of the year.  This story is about a woman close to my age who marries late, of the challenges she has in her marriage (which I can totally relate to as I imagine things that will be tough whenever I get to marry), and heartbreaking sacrifices that are made. Oh, my emotions were a bit out of control reading this one. 

But I think that anyone will enjoy this one, regardless of where you are in life.


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