In the heart of life : a memoir

I heard the author of this book in an interview and she mentioned her memoir, so I decided to read it.  While I don't agree with her beliefs, I respect them.  I think something important about the beliefs of people, if those beliefs provide a positive influence, if those beliefs lead them to actions of good - those are beliefs to respect. While this book has themes which remind me a little of the book I dislike most of any I've ready,  Eldon doesn't brag of her actions, she acknowledges the wrong, the selfishness, etc.

Eldon while having a very privileged life in many ways, she also had some rough experiences. I enjoyed reading of her experiences, of her thoughts on what happened, of her opinions on different subjects, of the journey she made over her lifetime.

This is one I'd recommend, maybe a good vacation book? Also one to read over a few weeks at home (as I did), reading a chapter a night.


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