Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends

I preordered this one for my niece a while back. I've mentioned that I love Shannon's books and was excited to get my niece her first book. (ps - did you preorder your copy of Austenland??? Do it. Do it now! It is available tomorrow, February 11th. Can't wait for me and my sisters and mother to get our copies this week.) Back to this book. I wanted to read it too since I sent it to her, so joined the really long wait list at the library.  It is definitely a kids book. It took I think 2 total hours for me to read. Such a cute story though.

I enjoy Shannon's different take on familiar fairy tale stories. I like the ability she has as an author to bring about the idea of change, of breaking away from what is expected or what is the norm - but not challenging what is right - she shows there are multiple rights.  I don't know, I just like her take better than that of many other storytellers. 

I bought this for my 10 year niece. She and I are taking a Spring Break trip together next month, so I'm going see what she thought. I noticed that the second in the series is coming out soon, so want to know if she'd like the second one too.  I also found Amazon a number of accompanying short stories about the fun characters in this book (the children of Fairy Tale legends) that you can add to your kindle for free.  I've made it very clear, I'm not good with guessing appropriate age for readers, but I think even younger than 10 might enjoy.

I totally recommend this one for your kids. And read it with them.


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