The Returned

I can't say that the idea of this book is unique. I appreciated the innocence of the situation though.  It was refreshing to not have something unusual being caused by zombie phenomenon, nor vampire phenomenon, nor alien phenomenon.  Sometimes things happen that you can't explain, and you just don't need to know - you need to appreciate, you need to learn.

If you've read other reviews of mine, you know I am sensitive to misjudging others. I don't like when people tease the underdogs.  Using the word "enjoyed" doesn't quite capture what I think of this book, but I can't think of another word to use - so, I "enjoyed" how the author expressed judgment.  He didn't make me uncomfortable. He made it an understandable situation. And he showed why even in the moment of judgment, our behavior and treatment of others should always make them comfortable.

I enjoyed this book, because it made me think. While we won't be reunited with loved ones in this life, we will be reunited someday.  What an opportunity that will be.

After reading (this one I read on my flight back from the east coast), I saw a preview for a TV show based on this book. I can see it being a good show, I may need to check it out. 


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