Claire of the Sea Light

I can't remember who recommended this one too me.  And I must admit, I finished the book uncertain as to what I thought. It was more of a bunch of short stories put together.  The book contained a number of different story lines. The author tried to, I think, look back, bring all the story lines back together. I felt it was a bit of a mess though. I felt a feeling of disconnect.  And I just didn't like one storyline. I feel like people are adding this certain story line to attract an audience who things they are making a statement by including such plot twist.

I read this on a plane ride out east, so it's a quick read.  I did want to like it. I usually don't mind stories like this that pull in a bunch of different stories and then the author brings them back together in the end.  And I did enjoy some of the side stories.  I just didn't feel like I got anything from this story. At the end, I just didn't get anything from the story.

Not one that I would recommend, but it has received pretty good reviews, so maybe I just wasn't in the right mood when reading it. Who knows?

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