Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

I have SOOOO much to say about this book. Where to begin? Where to begin?

I go to lunch with a friend once a year. Our birthdays are a month apart (I'm one month older, hehe) and she mentioned this book to me at our lunch this year.  Like me, her husband is shy.  She said that reading this book helped her understand him so much. And thought I'd enjoy it too.

I wasn't sure I'd enjoy a book that was about the kind of person I am.  I think it did help me feel better about: my timidness; my fear of parties and similar social events and settings... if I am not in charge, so have something to do; my dislike of loud things; the list can go on.

It helped me know that the silly habits I have, the quirks in my personality are actually normal, exist in others. Maybe not others I'm with much, but I did recognize many things I see in others.

I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In that Church, we serve in callings. Callings are volunteer opportunities to serve within our congregation. Most of the callings I have held have been leadership positions. I have my crazy OCD which causes a discomfort in me if something needs to be done and it is not being done, so I do it.  But leadership roles aren't necessarily my favorite assignment. I'm uncomfortable in large groups, so you can imagine how leading one makes me feel. But it is one reason so many people think that I am an outgoing person. Mix OCD + being an introvert, and I've been what is called a "pseudo extrovert".  It is difficult, it is extremely draining. I feel awkward beyond believe. I feel like I act like a freak almost, because I don't really know how to act. That is just one of the examples of something I read about and totally understood as a personal trait.

I would love to give this book to my boss for example, so he can understand from this book's perspective why it is so very difficult for me to work in a cubicle for example.  In fact the book talks about how the move the cubicles from offices may have increased social-ness between coworkers, but has decreased productivity.  Sort of a big DUH in my mind, but people still did studies and it was their finding.

I think if you have a relationship - familiar, work, friendly, with someone who is on the quiet side, or on the timid side, or on the shy side (and FYI, introverts aren't all shy + timid + quiet), it might be a good read for you to understand them better.  It may help you understand why a night home, cuddled with a blanket (or a handsome member of the opposite sex) and a good book or movie or TV show sounds so perfect to me most of the time. I like going out, I liking spending time with friends. But there is a reason that by Friday, I am beyond exhausted from all my pseudo extroversion I have to display in my job.

A good read.


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rantgirl said...

I am a pseudo extrovert too, because of callings. Currently, I'm the cubmaster and I can't tell you how draining that is, but I love those boys so much. I loved this book too, but wasn't able to finish it, but I plan on buying it to use as a reference for myselt, and to throw at my husband when he's trying to shove me out of my comfort zone.