The Power of Everyday Missionaries

I'm pretty open about the fact that I don't read Church-y books. I religiously read (and yes, pun intended) the Book of Mormon. I study the Bible and the D&C. But I prefer to gain a testimony though my own efforts and experiences.  I can only read/hear so many feel good stories. I start to gag after too many. 

A few months ago, Elder Christensen spoke in a meeting I was attending. A few weeks later, my managing director joined my team for lunch. He talked about this book. We mentioned that some of us had just met with Elder Christensen in a meeting. He suggested that we read this book, and went so far as to send us each a digital copy. So I read it. Frankly it was mostly the stories that he told us in the meeting.

Having grown up in Oregon, I am accustomed to the importance of being an example to my neighbors. I know the positive impact you can have. I know that sometimes, people join the Church. And sometimes they don't. I know the importance of loving someone regards of the decision they make, because they are still the same person you loved before sharing the gospel. 

SO... I think it is a good book for people who are scared of ever talking the gospel with friends or neighbors. It is a good book for those Utah Mormons who do not let their kids play with the neighbors who are of another faith or live a different lifestyle  (SHAME ON YOU!!! Stop giving our faith a bad name.)

If you like Church books, I recommend this one.  Many lessons for many people to learn.



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