A Monster Calls

A friend recommended this book to me this summer. It wasn't until I started reading the book on the train this morning that I remembered her telling me this is a sad story. I finished the book in under 90 minutes, so it isn't a long story. It is, however, a powerful story.  And I love that the author didn't need many words to reach the reader. I just wish I wasn't on a Frontrunner full of people, with tears in my eyes, and the author reached out to me. 

I assume this is juvenile fiction. I wouldn't go too young though with the story because of the subject matter, unless the young person has had a similar experience, in which case, it may be really appropriate. I could see myself reading this when I was 9 or 10. But you be the judge. 

I think this would be a great story to discuss in a book club, if you are looking for a good book. I may hold onto that idea when in comes time for my next month to host.


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