The Glass Castle

Have you noticed how celebrities like to point out they overcame poverty and have found success?  I've actually had a number of friends or maybe more acquaintances, so "brag" of the same, that they grew up so poor, that life was so tough. Oh hogwash people!  Were you poor because you didn't always get designer clothes? But did you get new clothes? Who cares where your clothes came for. you think you were poor? Please read this story.

While living in Uruguay, something that depressed me was that the people watch US TV shows.  They had such simple lifestyles. Yes, they lived in what could be considered poverty - but they wouldn't have known it because everyone lived the same way. But when they saw what was on the TV, all the sudden they wanted more.  There isn't anything wrong with wanting more. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your situation. But when people think that the only way to be happy is to have more, that's what make me sad.

I am currently reading the author's second book. I love her writing. I love how matter of fact it is.  Fold, she.grew.up.poor.  But there is no pity me... no whining. It was just how it was, the only lifestyle she knew.  And when did she become really embarrassed about it? When she was an adult, and she'd risen above poverty, when she was living it up in NYC.  But I am grateful that the new attitude did not come across in her writing about her childhood. The story is raw, a bit heartbreaking in fact, but I liked her honesty, and again, her matter of fact style.

I definitely recommend this story. It was not a fast read for me though. Took over a month, and it isn't long. But for me, it wasn't something I could just read and read and read. I needed a break to take and minute and be thankful for what I had.  And then I could go back to read more.


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