Learning to Swim

So I just picked up the second book in this series, so you may want to wait until I read and review the second to start this one. Though truth be told, I enjoyed this story.  It really stands on it's own. It didn't leave me wanting more, I felt there was resolution. I liked the characters. I find I am liking the books with strong women with big hearts.  And this is a good example of just that.

This book is a mystery type story. When I checked out the eBook, I did not know that it was the first in a series, I assume a trilogy, because really, these days - what new book isn't part of a series...?  (I'm still a little annoyed by all the series, if you couldn't tell.) But like I said, it really does stand on it's own. The story kept me guessing about what happened. And the characters pulled me in.

One of my favorites from my vacation, way back in May... (almost caught up now.)


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