Sharp Objects

The first book written by Gillian Flynn.  Does it meet her style? Twisted? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Creative? Yes. Keep you guessing? Yes. 

I thought with this one, I should explain a little about what I mean by keeps you guessing. Flynn doesn't just keep you guessing as to who did it. She keeps you guessing as to the why they did it too. That is part of how she keeps you guessing about the who. Sometimes you guess who, but since you can't connect the why, you doubt the who.  Does that make sense?  That is part of what I enjoy with her writing style.  

This one isn't as twisted as her second two.  But rest assure, it is twisted. And it is a good start into her books, because it isn't gory like number 2, and doesn't throw you for loops like number 3.



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