Struck By Lightning

So I've read a lot of books lately, I "starting" a new blog entry by recording the name and putting in the photo thinking I'll have time to review, and I'm starting to forget about the books. So here we go.  I watched the movie for this one this week as well, and, as usual, I liked the book a lot more. I did enjoy the movie - but the book just has so much more.

Last Saturday was actually my 20 year high school reunions. I had two, but attended neither.  We moved while I was in high school. So while I grew up with one crowd, I only knew the other for a little over 2 years, and my folks ended up returning to my home town. So really, I feel no connection with the high school I graduated from.  It's sort of a sore spot in my memory because I was so upset at leaving all the things I'd worked so hard to achieve at my first school, and I really, really did not like the new place we lived. It just wasn't me. I did what I could to get by, participated in lots of activities, played the cool girl role, and LEFT as soon as I could.  Thanks to Facebook, I still maintain friendships with those friends I made and do still care about.  But no need to go down there.  And my hometown high school, because my parents have returned, I see people when I visit home, so no need to attend that reunion either.

What are your memories of high school?  Do you still dream of things from high school?  Still live on the high of who you were? Or have you moved on like me?  This is a great story I think for anyone, regardless of who they were, or weren't in high school.  It looks at both sides of the spectrum, as well as some kids lost in the middle.

I actually felt the story was was written. (Good job Glee actor.) There was a lot of emotion well captured within the text. It was fun to see the characters depicted on the screen too. Definitely not what I'd pictured, but we all have a different interpretation.  And honestly, in this case, I found myself picturing people I really did know in high school.

Everyone has secrets.  Many can live one life in the public eye, another life in private. I laughed a bit in the book reading while thinking of my own friends from high school, as mentioned, picturing them, because these stories could have been about many of them.  To my knowledge, they were never blackmailed, but I could even think of the kid that could have gotten away with blackmailing them.

Not sure of the age group appropriateness of the story. I'd like to think high school, but that's a parent's decision, not mine.  It was, as so often seems to be the case, a really, really quick read for me while on vacation in April.  A good vacation book for sure, as it keeps you entertained.  Maybe a good one to read right before your high school reunion.


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