The Caine Mutiny

I belong to two book clubs right now. I have my monthly neighborhood book club, and then I have a yearly book club. The yearly club meets, well, once a year and we choose our book around the time the current year's Pulitzer prizes are announced. We choose one of the previous winners of the award to read.  I am so very glad we read this one this year.

This is definitely a five star read for me.  A historical fiction about a mutiny aboard a WWII Minesweeper (BIG ship).  I love how the author pulls you into to story. He leads the reader along, telling the story in a way that you just go right along with the characters. You feel sorrow/sympathy for some characters; you are angry with other characters; you are annoyed with some; and of others, you just read of their quickly passing in and out of the story. And then as the story begins to reach it's resolve, you second guess what you thought of these characters throughout the entire story. I kind of liked that about it.

This wasn't a quick read. Though I read and read and read; I actually read every word (super rare for me.) I renewed the book a couple times so I could finish it.

I very much recommend this book. It is nice to read a Pulitzer winner and think, yes - now that deserved the Pulitzer (I've read too many that left me in a stupor as to why panel of judges? Why?)


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