Dark Places

After reading Gone Girl, I was interested to read what her other books were like. Were they as dark? Were they as twisted? Or is each one unique?

Yes. Yes. I guess. (The stories are unique at least.)

This was a sad story. I actually felt bad for the main character. Such a messed up life.  I feel bad for the brother. An even more messed up life.  Flynn is good at keeping you guessing.  She keeps you confused, then thinking you solved it, and then you realize you are wrong and  start again, and you just go through it over and over. Sometimes she tosses you a bone, but you can tell - no, that's too obvious.  And then you meet a random character, just someone in passing, you know you have to hold onto those, because they are going to mean something and sometime - but what? You don't know. At least not until Flynn tells you. Actually, I did figure out a lot of it again, but she just adds twists you don't expect. 

Her stories are never clean. So don't go in thinking that it.  But if you can stomach the violence (not as violent as "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo",) you'll find an intriguing story.



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