Walk Two Moons

This was our book club for April. By the cover you can see it won the Newberry, so it's young adult fiction. I enjoyed this story. The whole book club did. So many themes can be picked out of the story and it made for a great discussion among grown women.  Know that it isn't a super happy story. It can be an emotional read (happy and sad emotions), if you let it be.  I laughed, and though I knew where the story was going, I unexpectedly cried too. And this all happened in under 3 hours, it is a quick read.

A beautiful story of a young girl who has "lost" her mother, and how she sees the world, how she sees similar situations among friends, how she learns to live her live again. The contains a number of surprises and twists which keep you guessing and keep your interest.

Here is the synopsis. And here's Ariel's review from almost 5 years ago.


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