Dolci di Love

Man, what to do with these books that I think are supposed to be light hearted but end up really annoying me.  After finishing this book, I started to wonder if I need to just take that stance of not reading books, watching TV, watching movies anymore.  I’m just getting annoyed I think. So annoyed I considered going against my own rules and considered checking out the fiction sold by Deseret Book written by LDS authors – gasp!!!! So out of character for me. Sorry to vent here on our blog. I am wondering your opinions though.  Here are some of my issues:

I was watching a movie the other night. I was enjoying the movie, the storyline. But then in the end, the main male and female leave their spouses/partners to be with each other. Brad and Angelina have set a new norm.  I’m sorry, but just because you work with someone, even if you are happily or unhappily married, (I don’t think it should matter,) if you are married, and work with a member of the opposite sex, it is not OK to fall in love with that other person in a day or a week, or whatever it may be.  Seriously people.  Does commitment not mean anything to anyone anymore?  But that seems to be the theme these days. No regard for marriage, just fall in love with the next person who comes along, over and over again.  It makes me sad.  It really does.  And I think what makes me more sad is how media portrays it as so romantic.  What?

Next issue: adultery.  So media is romanticizing falling in love with people who are not their spouses, they are also saying it is OK for people to have affairs. Some books play it off as healthy, it makes your marriage more healthy – though I’m not sure how so? Or there is all this talk about how men just can’t help themselves, be grateful they come back home to you. Huh? 

And I know, people like to say, you know, it’s always been that way, they just didn’t talk about it as freely as they do today.  But I think all the talk is making it more common, and more OK in the mind and eyes of society.  Perhaps back in the day, things were kept secret because those doing wrong knew it was wrong and kept it hidden. 

More and more I see so much breakdown in standards and in society.  I’ve never been one to care too much, because it doesn’t actually affect me, I’m not going to go off the deep end. But I keep seeing friends who said the same thing, but I’m watching them sink and it hurts that they won’t grab that lifeline and come back to shore. That they think it is easier to sink into the depths of society. 

Oh, I was supposed to be reviewing a book, right?  Well, you kind of can guess a bit of the storyline by my ranting.  I think the basic idea of this story was cute, so much potential. But the author brought in the issues above, and ruined the story for me. 

Oh world, whatever am I going to do with you?

Enjoy if you want.

(still catching up from my trip, but wondering, does anyone else read anymore?)

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