Peter and the Starcatchers and all his other adventures...

In preparation for my trip to New York at the end of July, I read Peter and the Starcatchers – because we had tickets to the play.  I definitely recommend the book and the play (it is supposed to be at the Shakespeare festival next year – go, go, go. I don’t think more than a minute passed when I wasn’t laughing)

If you have sons, or daughters who were like me and little tomboyish, I bet they’ll love reading this with you.  These books are another take on the Peter Pan story.  The writing is creative, it is fun.  I don’t know what more to say.  My cousin’s 12 year and I discussed these books. I’d just read the first one in preparation for my trip. He let me know that there were others, and I’m glad he did.  Enjoyable little tales, little journeys, little adventures. Oh, but not very little books, should probably add that disclaimer. Though you can easily read over 100 pages in an hour, the books are up to 600 pages I think. They were pretty long, but deceptively long. Easy to read quickly, as they are kids’ books.

All the books are:
Peter and the Starcatchers
Peter and the Shadow Thieves
Peter and the Secret of Rundoon
Peter and the Sword of Mercy
The Bridge to Neverland
(And while I was looking up all the names again, I read that they are making this into a movie as well.)


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