Palace of Stone

I'm torn again.  If you look at the label, you'll see that I loved this one.  Another Shannon Hale book that was really enjoyable. It's funny that I am not a mother, but when I read these books that are for kids, I think of if I was a mother, would I let my daughters read this.  I think that it is OK, and that an author can sell books, especially books meant for kids, without some romance in it.  I know, I am crazy. What am I thinking?  Everyone wants to read some romance.  But kids don't.  I think that with the phenomenon of books like Harry Potter, kids books whose audience is more adult than kid, authors feel like they have to put in storyline for the adults so that adults will read it and recommend it, to other adults. Maybe I'm too much of the protective type, but I want my kids to know that you can be friends with members of the opposite sex without having to be boyfriend/girlfriend.  There is plenty of time for that in life. And that isn't all that life is about either. Not when they are young.

It is sort of like Shrek and other animated films where there is a story for kids and a story for adults.

So, yes adults, read this story.  I loved it.  A great sequel to Princess Academy.


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