Sugarhouse: Turning the Neighborhood Crack House into Our Home Sweet Home

Warning: today is day one of my annual 10 retreat to my family cabin in northern Idaho. I should be getting in one to two books a day, so there’s gonna be a lot of posts coming up.

Honestly, I’m hesitant to read a book written about Utah by someone who is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Often, authors take it too far. It’s like they are afraid to LIKE members of the Church.  If they don’t criticize the LDS faith - they aren’t going to fit in with the rest of the world, they aren’t going to find any success. So they criticize, poke fun, make it obvious that they like nothing "Mormon," especially Utah. I was hesitant to read this book. But since I’ve been craving a little of the indie genre in books lately, I gave it a shot. 

I almost think this book is more for men.  I did enjoy the story. I appreciated that there wasn’t near the amount of swearing I’d expected – really, could probably keep the count on two hands, no more fingers needed. But it’s the story of a couple who move to Utah and remodel a house. This isn’t a Tom Hanks/Shelley Long“The Money Pit” type story.  It is probably a story that many, many people could relate to. In fact, I already know which friends I’ll be recommending it to first following their own remodeling adventures.

The story is suiting for woman as well though as, almost as The Blind Side alternates a chapter of football, a chapter of story, a chapter of football, etc – this book flips back and forth, though at times midchapter, so don’t think of skipping chapters like with The Blind Side.

A quick read, an entertaining story that thankfully doesn’t make a single reference to trendy topics of the day, like the undead (be it zombie, vampire), etc. An enjoyable read.


ps – Confession. I am totally immature. And every time I cross over the Idaho border and see the “Welcome to Idaho” state sign, I chuckle to myself and mumble “I-da-ho, U-da-pimp.”  Yep, did it last night while driving, twice. Crossing from Utah to Idaho and from Montana to Idaho. Totally immature!

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