The Children of Hamelin

So, I haven't read this yet, but my friend wrote the book and it is being released today. Even better, today, July 26th and tomorrow, July 27th, you can download the book for free from Amazon for your Kindle or your tablet with the Kindle App.  (I have the table with the Kindle App and his prerelease copies were for Kindles only and didn't work on my tablet, that is why I haven't read yet.)

Step 1: Go to Amazon (here's the link direct to the book):

Step 2: Download the book.

After you've read it, leave him a comment about what you thought - or you can post a review here and I'll share it with him. I'll post my review as soon as I am done reading as well.

UPDATE:  So Danny is a bit dramatic - he's also an actor, so he made this little video to tell you about the story if you are interested:

A free book - does it get any better?


(oh, and I have been reading a lot, of course - I just have some major catch up to do with my posts)

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