The Blind Side

So a few months ago my friends went to see this movie and said that I HAVE to go see it, that it is my type of movie. Well, it's about sports, so that's a given I suppose. But again, I have to read the book first.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I do wonder what the movie is about since the role Sandra Bullock played and won the best actress Oscar for is definitely a supporting role in the book.

Here's the deal. This book, I think it is more of a guy book (again, by way of reminder, when reading Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus - I realized I must if I was born on Venus, I quickly relocated to Mars, because I definitely don't seem to possess most of the Venus-ians traits.) It seems to me, from what I've heard, that the movie takes a guy story and makes it into a movie women would like because of the strong female lead.

Every other chapter of this book is about football. A friend told me that the movie does teach [the women] what is meant by the term "blind side" in football lingo. But the book tells more. Half the chapters are about those who excelled attacking from and defending the blind side of the quarterback. It's football talk - I love it. I like the story too. What a great story about Michael Oher coming into his own in football, and in life! I would love to meet him and talk with him, though per the story he's not much for words.

So, though I mostly recommend this story for the males, I think women will like it too. Just know that when you've had enough talk about football, just skip to the next chapter. The football history lessons and the story of Oher don't cross. The chapters are dedicated to one subject or the other. So just skip to the next chapter and read on.

Great story!


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