Three Cups of Deceit

I don't see that anyone has reviewed Three Cups of Tea. I read it a few years before joining this blog. It is interesting. My mother sent me the book and asked me to read it to see if investing was a good idea. I read the book. It was a good story. I wasn't totally sold though. I'm glad I listened to that inner-doubt.

Have you read the Book of Mormon? Do you know about the "pride cycle?" A person goes from nothing, to something, to a lot, to selfish, to greed... and that seems to describe the point Greg Mortenson has reached.

This is a book screams conspiracy theory. And Greg Mortenson is holding the smoking gun. It is a quick, quick read, a short book. I think it is really unfortunate what has happened. I have loved discussing it with others. I'll keep my opinion to myself (but I do side with Krakauer on this argument.)


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