The Persian Pickle Club

I've been in my new neighborhood for a year now, and I've finally joined a book club. This is the first book I will meet with the group to discuss. Just as I'm sure that we judge people when we hear their review on movies or music or television shows, I judge book groups on the books they read. I also hold off on suggesting books until I know the group well. My first impression, this group sticks with the safe books. We'll see where we go from here and if/when I contribute to our reading list.

So, I've already said this book is safe. I'll expand. This is a super, super quick read. The text isn't challenging. The storyline, while predictable in nature, at least the events don't take place in an order you expect - there are some twists thrown into the storyline. I'm not saying I hated the book by any means. I don't know that it is a book I would just flat out recommend though. I chuckled a couple times. But the storyline didn't make me want to be better, it didn't really excite my imagination, the story didn't make an impact on me.

I'm going to be careful at book club, I won't start any discussions - hopefully I can contribute to the discussions in a positive way, but I don't know that I can think of anything that really makes me want to stir up a conversation. Maybe I'll post a comment about some of the discussions and maybe I will be given reason to like the book after we discuss it.

Enjoy... maybe with your book club?

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