Something Blue

This review is aimed at the ladies. I'm wondering what kind of woman you are? Let me tell you a little about me. I've never hated guys. I don't grudges against them. I may be single, but I don't blame the men. Dating is college was annoying. You see, I am not a girl who plays games. On way too many occasions, I had a friend get mad at me for going out with a guy who'd asked me out. It turns out, if you didn't already guess, that the friend liked the guy who asked me out. I'd go to ward prayer (if you don't know what that is, is the LDS community, singles' wards (a ward is a congregation, a singles' ward is a congregation of non-married LDS Church members. These congregations meet for Church on Sundays. Sunday evening they gather, well they did in the 90s when I was in college, we'd gather for the stated purpose of someone sharing a spiritual thought and then someone saying a prayer to end out the day. But really, it was a social gathering - that's all it is/was.) So anyways, I'd go to ward prayer, my roommates or friends and I would socialize, I'd come home and sometime that week, or even later that evening, I'd get a call and be asked on a date. More upset friends. I got tired of it. When I'd go to ward prayer, if a new guy came up to me, I turned into a "wing [wo]man" and I'd immediately grab my roommate, or a friend, and say "Do you know so and so?" And then many times, I'd just walk away so that I couldn't in anyway be "to blame" for being asked out instead of a friend. I got tired of the drama. I also was certain to not date a friend's x (though a roommate married one of mine). And it's carried well past college, I take the backseat when there are quality guys around when I'm with my friends. This is a drama free zone.

ALLLL that being said, I really hesitated to begin this one. If you'll recall, I didn't enjoy the first book. But I think after reading this book, I think I know why I didn't enjoy the first book. You see, these two books are told by friends. The first book by one friend, the second book by the other friend. I am a lot like the girl narrating the first book. But, I would never act as she did. I think that may be why I didn't like it. The second book, as told by the second, showed that in some ways, I am also like that girl a little, very little - though I wasn't in need of the attitude adjustment she received in the second book.

I enjoyed this second book a whole lot more than the first. The second book had a longer wait at the library which is why I read them a few months apart. I think they would be good books to read consecutively so that you can get the whole picture before making a judgement. Bring both books on vacation with you.


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