Being single and 36, I sometimes wonder if I would have been OK with arranged marriage, just because I have always disliked the dating scene and the games people play, and just the annoyance of it all. But here is a book about, sort of, arranged marriage, and the games that exist within the seemingly Utopia of have everything decided for you.

I agree with my fellow bloggers on this one. I remember seeing the posts and your giving it fair ratings. On my last trip, a friend loaned it to me to read, so I did. I didn't realize it was a best seller. I actually heard some juicy stuff about the publishing deal, like how she has the same agent as Stephanie Meyers, so her signing bonus was unheard of (as in huge) because the agent sold it, as accurately compared by my fellow bloggers, as the next Twilight or next Hunger Games series. I heard this after reading it. Though that is what I too thought, this is another Utopian society, Hunger Games type book. The end was totally unsatisfactory to me, not a fan of the ending. But since I have a friend who does PR for a publisher, well actually her last day is tomorrow, then she is moving to a PR firm, ...but she did get an early release copy a few months ago. My turn should be coming soon, so I'll try to review that soon as well.

With this one though, I would have to recommend you do what I did with the Hunger Games books, and just wait until all three are out so you can read them all together.

Speaking of Hunger Games, I never posted on those. I'm not sure I can remember enough from reading them last Christmas, but I do want to have a discussion on them sometime. Anyone interested? (my favorite was the last one, which I think most disagree with...)

But back to Matched.

Enjoy, but wait and enjoy all three books at once in the fall of 2012.

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