A Visit From the Goon Squad

This book is this year's Pulitzer prize winner. Why, might you ask did it win this year's Pulitzer? I'm sorry, I cannot answer, for I have the same question.

If I had to take a guess? I'd say it is for the creative way of narrating chapter 12. I took some photos before returning the book to the library. I apologize, I had intended to take nice photos, but forgot until I was actually returning the book, so these were taken on the library counter with my cell phone. People had quizzical looks on my face as they watched what I was doing, but look at these two shots...

Sorry for the poor quality, but can you see? (I think you can click on them for a better view.)

The whole chapter is told via charts and diagrams and drawings. And after finishing the book, I honestly thought, "I guess chapter 12 must be why she won."

It is not a bad book, don't think I disliked it. I just am puzzled by the prestigious prize.

I think this is a fabulous vacation book. I read it in half a day, but you know me and reading. I also think it a great book for someone who does not have time to sit and read and read and read and continue reading because the story pulls you in. Each chapter of this book is a story of it's own. There isn't one overlaying story that continues from chapter to chapter... well, not really. There is some character overlapping, true. There is jumping from one period in some one's life to another. But the stories aren't connected in that you'll feel like you have to keep reading the next chapter to find out what happens next. You read the chapter, you are good - the story is over.

So, I didn't love the book. I didn't hate the book. I have no idea why it won the Pulitzer, but then again, not many winners have been the obvious choice to me.


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