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This book has been reviewed a few times and although they were posted quite some time ago, I am posting my review for one reason and one reason only: Because I disagree with everyone else! Ha!

Sorry ladies, but I thought this book was BORRRING until the last 30 pages or so. I would have quit after 40 pages but my good friend kept urging me on, begging me to keep going and promised I would "absolutely love it". Well, I am sad to say that I did not love it. I didn't hate it, but I will not read it again, and probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
I realize the heartbreaking stories and how much history is in that book. I do not discount the awful life that so many people lived during WWII. And I must say that I did find myself really starting to love the Islanders by the end of the book. Isola Pribby being my favorite. But Juliet Ashton bothered me. I think English characters bother me altogether. I think I may be the only woman in the world who cannot stomach anything written by Jane Austen. I don't know, just not my cup of tea, if you will. I think the format bothered me the most. No exposition whatsoever. I couldn't figure out who was who and how they related to one another for the longest time, and I hate being confused. I love it when authors spoon feed me details, but keep me guessing and spring a great plot twist on me every now and then. This book just didn't grab ahold of me, ever.

I feel a strange pang of guilt in saying that I didn't like this book. I feel like I was supposed to like it because everyone else did. Do I just have no soul or what? I think every single person I know who has read it has completely loved it, save only my sister in law. She felt the same way about it as I do.
I don't know, perhaps I had my expectations way too high due to everyone's five-star ratings.
I do wish I could say I liked this book better.

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Marianne said...

I think most people loved the book because of the charming quirkiness of the islanders. I wish I had neighbors like that!

Sounds like the style of writing wasn't your taste and maybe that's not the type of book you usually like to read. To each his own!