One Day

I felt as though I were experiencing déjà vu as I read this book. I found the story very similar to the film, "When Harry Met Sally." Now, don't get me wrong, I loved that film, at least I did watching is a few times in college. I don't know that I've watched it since then, so in twelve years or so. Boy meets girl, and the story about are they going to get together or not.

I also felt a bit of déjà vu wondering if I had read this book before. Isn't that the worst? Have I or haven't I??? I usually don't know for sure until I get to the very end. The end wasn't familiar, so I guess I hadn't read it.

I enjoyed the book. It was a bit "Bridget Jones' Diary"-esque with the language. I suppose it is a British thing, well international thing as I've noticed it my limited experience traveling the globe - US swear words don't mean much to them, so they use them in abundance. I found, as in other books, I was quickly skipping over them though and not even noticing them anymore.

I recommend the book, if you too can skip over the language. It kept me turning the pages. I liked the story and the ultimate message. It isn't the story of "When Harry Met Sally," so don't think if you've seen the movie, you've read the book.

Oh, and so you don't feel as silly as I who took more than half the book to realize, the title, One Day, it comes from the fact that each chapter takes place on the same day, July 15th, over a twenty year period. (I only look at the years, not the actual days, so it took a while, a long while, to catch on... silly me.)


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Caprene said...

I went to see Jane Eyre tonight, (which was AMAZING!!!!!)and unfortunately there was a preview that they've made this book into film - and Anne Hathaway, who I soooo DISLIKE, is playing the lead. She is NOT British, she canNOT speak with a decent British accent, and she has spoiled too many other films for me. I may not be able to sit through the film no thanks to her, and I really liked the book. Drats!