The Weissmans of Westport

Description: Betty Weissmann and her two middle-aged daughters have begun living as exiles. At age 77, Betty has been dumped by her husband of nearly 50 years. He and his mistress have set up housekeeping in the sumptuous Manhattan apartment that Betty had called home for most of her adult life. Her daughter Miranda --- a tough-as-nails literary agent --- is facing bankruptcy after a series of scandals. Her other daughter, Annie, is smitten with the brother of her stepfather’s mistress. Banding together against a slew of looming crises, Betty, Miranda, and Annie find refuge in a run-down beach cottage owned by a generous cousin. While Betty discovers a wealth of personal strength, her daughters discover an intriguing, aristocratic community --- whose population includes the handsome actor Kit Maybank.

Boo! I am the victim of a broken home and, while this gives me lots of compassion for those going through a divorce, either for themselves or someone in their family, I don't enjoy reading about someone who is going through that type of pain. Or perhaps I just didn't like the way that this author described this type of pain. Or perhaps I didn't relate to the characters. Or perhaps it just was the style of writing.

However, despite what I've said, I did enjoy this book right up until the last chapter or so, at which point it completely ruined it for me. So read if you don't mind an ending possibly ruining the whole time you've spent on the book.

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ariel said...

yeah... based on the description, this doesn't appeal to me at all. but kudos to you for giving it a shot!