Twisted Tree

The first time I picked up this book at the library, I read the jacket preview and put it back down again. When I picked it up this time, several months later, I only read the first sentence or so on the jacket and put it in my bag. So I suggest not reading the jacket description since A.) it's not that catching and B.) it's not that accurate.

It's a story of the small town of Twisted Tree and the people who live there. They share their stories and dreams and secrets, and all briefly mention Hayley Jo Zimmerman, a young anorexic who is taken and brutally murdered (no graphic details on this one), who either fleetingly entered their lives or waltzed her way through it.

I was disappointed that you never find out certain things about her. She is supposed to be the main character of the novel, but I was left with a dissatisfied feeling of not knowing anything about her.

Other than that, the novel is entertaining and poignant. It's sometimes hard to follow the dialogue due to the lack of quotation marks, but I thought it flowed relatively well despite that. I eventually got to the point where I couldn't put it down and found myself staying up late to finish it.

So I'd say I loved it. It's a very western, sometimes eerie book, and it definitely dives into the heart of the townspeople of Twisted Tree.

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