The Temple Dancer

Ever since seeing the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" I've had this terrible, almost morbid, fascination with India. I am intrigued and appalled by the country and the culture and how they treat each other. So when I saw that this was a "Novel of India" I grabbed it off the shelf.

I liked it. It was an interesting story with nice love plots and intrigue and the works, but I could tell that this was the author's first novel. It didn't flow like I love a book to do. It more plodded through in a basic and straightforward way. Plus it had some sort of cheesy "sensual scenes" (which could be easily skipped).

A brief summary:

At the center of the story is Maya, a Hindi slave who is being transported across dangerous terrain by a caravan of Portuguese settlers that includes the aging adventurer Da Gama and Lucinda, a spoiled but sensitive young woman. The most intriguing traveler is Slipper, a Muslim eunuch whose relationship to Maya serves as one of the driving mysteries of the novel.

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ariel said...

i also looooooved slumdog millionaire. that's one rated r movie that i just might have to own :)

this will have to go on my list.