French Women Don't Get Fat

So I'm not a dieter. It's not my thing. I am a lifestyle person. I grew up in a healthy home with a professional dancer/choreographer mother, college athlete father, and lots of healthy food - fact: I tried fried chicken for the first time at age 18, I was in college. The anorexic phase I went through, that actually was a lifestyle thing - I was a competitive gymnast and professional dancer myself. Who in that profession hasn't skipped out on a number of meals - be it on purpose or because stopping for a meal just doesn't fit into the schedule? But I promise, I really am a healthy person, an active person, and a person who loves a good meal.

My friend recommended a book to me as a great healthy diet book. Don't click on the link if you are easily offended, please. But I loved this book - I don't agree with some of the chapters, for one, I love meat. But I absolutely loved how the book was written. It is so in your face and it did present a lot of valid arguments and direction. I totally recommend it, but I'm going to review another book for the sake of recommending a cleaner book.

Being a fitness instructor, I'm asked quite often what diet I recommend? I don't. But I might recommend a book now, only because this isn't a diet. I really enjoyed this book. I started reading it, but went on a road trip with a friend this weekend, so we got it on CD to listen to. While I don't so much support the chapters on alcohol consumption and such, I love Mireille Guiliano's philosophy on our daily diet. I agree with everything else she says. It's like she read my mind and made millions off it, darn it all!

But really, if you are somehow who is looking for your last diet, or even better just looking for a way to change up your meals, just do it folks. Give it a read, give it a try. I think you will like this one. Be ready to commit and do it. I'm going to try a lot of her recipes, so if you do read it and try it, let's compare notes.

(If you do choose to listen to the book on CD, the author reads her own book, so be ready to listen up since she does have a strong French accent.)


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