The Lovely Bones

I've been wanting to see this movie, but of course had to read the book first. I finished the book a week ago and I haven't seen the movie yet, but I wonder how Hollywood retold this story. I will warn you, the start of the book is disturbing. The premise of the story is a young girl is killed and her spirit sticks around to observe the aftermath, how her family moves on, or doesn't (think Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore). So the first thing you read about is her death. It isn't too graphic, but your imagination can make it a lot worse.

It isn't an original plot. I have read others like it, I've seen movies, like the aforementioned Ghost, like it. But it is different characters, and there is some originality, and most importantly to me, the book doesn't have the typical Hollywood, everyone lives happily-ever-after ending (and I don't think that statement is a spoiler.)

It's a light read. It isn't on my list of all-time favorites, but I enjoyed it. I never thought to just set it down and not pick it back up, I wanted to finish the story.



Marianne said...

I also loved this book and haven't seen the movie. I heard that it isn't that great. It is directed by Peter Jackson, and from the review that I heard, he went a little nuts with the visual effects instead of really telling the story. I still want to see it though.

ariel said...

i loved this one. i would say it's in my top 50 favorites :) i thought it was pretty original, but maybe i'm just not as well read as you, caprene! i don't know if i'll see the movie. i don't think i could stand watching that guy. it was hard enough to read about him.

Gina Louise said...

i'm STILL reading this book, can we believe it?! i know. it's not because i don't like it, rather i am just having a hard time finding some alone-time/reading-time. i'll let you guys know what i think when i'm done. next year. :)