Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea

We read so much about all these groups popping up - religious groups, political groups, cults (and no, I'm not saying any of them have one thing to do with another, so don't go thinking that...)  But I don't hear much about North Korea.  And I wonder why we don't. A while back I read "The Orphan Master's Son".  It is a fictitious story of happenings in North Korea. Nothing to Envy is a true story.  It is accounts of people who grew up in North Korea. How they got out. What happened after they left.

I find it amazing how people fall victim, as they do, to a powerful leader. How, in the case of North Korea, they could believe in their leaders as a god, I find it fascinating that people can have sooo much control.  Yes, you are starving, and, well, I'm putting on weight as I eat what I want. Oh, and hate the Americans - they are evil and never help. Ignore all the black market US goods being sold. We didn't receive them as free aid and now are making a profit even though we know you can't afford it. And, yes, keep working at your job, even though you have not been paid in over a year. I am in awe of their ability to survive.  And then to want to return after escaping to a better place. Just, wow.

I definitely recommend this one. You'll appreciate what you have, if nothing else, after reading.


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