The Orphan Master's Son

This book took me way too long to read.  I'd get it from the library, start to read, it would be due back at the library and couldn't be renewed, and I wasn't down. I did that twice and then decided to get the book on CD to listen to in my car.  At least 4 months passed between the last time I read and starting the CDs where I'd left off. Listening to this book was a bit difficult to follow.  The first "Book" (there are two sections or Books in this story) is just a straight forward story, and then the second Book is told from three different view points with three different narrator voices, but one of the voices really annoyed me, so it was difficult. But I got through it, and I'm glad I did.

While serving an LDS mission in Uruguay, I always found it interesting what people there thought of people from the United States. Their opinions were based on TV shows, films, the internet.  I'm not aware of a TV show that depicts my real life. Definitely not a movie. And please don't think that celebrities represent me.   It is no wonder when I travel to another country, people I meet just do not have the right idea about what living a normal life in the US is like.

Do you ever wonder how Germany could follow Hitler? How they believed his lies about members of the Jewish faith? I've never realized just how effective and believable propaganda can be until reading this book.  Couple the lies of a leader with what you see on the screen, no wonder Germany followed Hitler. No wonder North Korea is such a mess. 

If for no other reason, it is fascinating to read about how a nation is mislead, is convinced to fear that we, the Americans, are going to bomb them any day now - we are just plotting and planning how to conquer North Korea.  They have one messed up leader.


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