This Is Where I Leave You

If you already saw the movie, you can still read the book.  I saw Silver Linings Playbook before reading it. I loved the book so much more.  I read this one first.  I didn't enjoy the movie as mush as I'd hoped.  I really enjoyed this story.

Please note, the movie is rated R - the book would be too.  In college, I was the student manager for the Varsity Theater on the BYU campus. We would edit the movies, like what airlines do.  And yes, today I do have a Clearplay DVD player, which is why I am able to watch rated R films as I do.  I'm thinking, maybe I could start a Clearread for books, take a sharpie, or colored tape (did you know that's how we edited the bad language out of movies at the Varsity? My friend Scott, the actual one who did the splicing and editing after a board of professors and I watched the original film and took our notes, he used scotch tape on the film to silence the bad words - true story.) I digress - but yes, I kind of would like to just clean up some books. It doesn't lessen the story to clean it up. And I know there are so many artists (authors, directors, playwrights, musicians, etc) who are offended by the very notion of altering their art. Hey, it still gets you money, and frankly, that is all most of them care about. Let's start a company to clean up literature. Who's with me?

I'd start with this one. Because I loved the story. I laughed so much reading this one.  Picturing the awkwardness of this family and the many situations in which they found themselves.  The movie just didn't have time to show them all, and I felt they tried to fit in too many of the funny things quickly, instead of giving more time to fewer stories.

If you can filter for yourself, or don't mind language, this is a good one.


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